Marie Madeleine 

Fitness Coach – Bikini Model 

As a fitness coach and bikini model my goal is to inspire people to live a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

Although I was never extremely overweight, I used to struggle with yoyo dieting and disordered eating habits.

Then I discovered Flexible Dieting/ IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), a scientific approach to fatloss that is sustainable, so you actually keep the results. I completed my personal trainer certificate and learned from the best sources even attending Dr. Layne Norton’s training camp in London, UK.

Flexible dieting and training to get strong instead of skinny helped me find balance, regain a healthy relationship with food and become more confident & happy again. Now I manage to maintain a fit bikini body on a sustainable amount of food/calories and without endless hours of cardio.

That’s why I set up Marie Mad Fitness, to help people around the world reach their fitness goals in a healthier way and become their best selves in and outside of the gym – through training, nutrition and mindset.

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Train with Me

Train with Me

I have a variety of training programs that will suit you and help you achieve your goals, let's start training together today!

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