10 Flexible Dieting Tips For Eating Out

One of the benefits of flexible dieting is the freedom to have a restaurant meal and stay on track with your diet and goals at the same time. Here are my top 10 tips how to fit restaurant meals into your flexible dieting lifestyle.

1. Look up the restaurant online and check out the menu beforehand.

2. Check if they have nutrition information on the website for easy tracking.

3. Throughout the day, base your meals around lean protein and green vegetable to save most of your carbs and fats for the restaurant meal.

4. When you have to estimate the macros of your meal, make sure you account for extra oil used in cooking.

5. Ask for salad dressing on the side.

6. Sharing a calorie dense meal/dessert makes it easier to control the portion size.

7. If you go to a buffet, don’t go for seconds.

8. Instead of all you can eat, order a la carte.

9. Order sides to make your own meal.

10. Some options that are easy to track are steak, vegetables, baked potato, sushi (sashimi and nigiri – the rolls can be more difficult to estimate).


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