5 Simple Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits is the foundation for lasting change and longterm results. It doesn’t have to be complicated – the “magic” is in the basics. Once these simple habits become second nature, positive changes will be the natural result and the foundation for adding more healthy habits to our lifestyle.



Take time to really focus on all the people and things you are grateful for. 


Motivational Videos

Start the day by watching a motivational video on youtube or listening to a podcast to get you in a positive mindset for the day. I like to do this while doing my makeup and drinking a caffeinated beverage. 



Go for a walk in nature to clear your mind, refocus and recharge your energy. Walking is also a great way to increase your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and can help with recovery. 


Green Veggies

Have green veggies with at least two of your meals every day. For example adding a side salad to one of your meals and some leafy greens to a protein smoothie. For more ideas & recipes check out my other blog posts.



Take some time everyday to read a book, it could be as little as 15 minutes to start with. Feel free to share what you are currently reading in the comments below.



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