No Excuses – Workout Tips For Busy Weeks

If you struggle to make time to workout during busy weeks these tips can help.

1. Get a membership at a gym close to your workplace or home – when the gym is on your way, you would literally have to go out of your way to avoid it. Even if that gym is a little more expensive, it’ll be worth it. Paying for a cheap gym that you never go to is just a waste of money.

2. Train right before or after work – we’ve all been there, we go home after a long day, sit down on the couch and can’t get motivated to get up again to go to the gym. Save the extra trip and go right before or after work.

3. Be prepared – have your meals and gym gear prepared the night before so you just have to take it with you as you head out in the morning.

4. Make time to eat during your day at work – your body needs energy not just for training but also for better focus and performance in your job. It can be tough to go to the gym after work but it can be a little easier when you are fed.


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