Rush Hour Training Tips

Training at large commercial gyms in Los Angeles inspired me to write this post about 6 tips how to still get a good workout in, even when the gym is busy. 


1. Compound Lifts

Instead of doing a lot of isolation exercises on different machines stick to compound lifts which target large muscle groups and allow you to get an effective workout in with a few basic exercises. 


2. Minimal Equipment

Base your workout around equipment like free weights or cables that you can use for multiple exercises so you don’t have to switch equipment frequently and keep waiting time down. 


3. Bodyweight / Band Exercises

Superset bodyweight and band exercises instead of doing supersets involving multiple machines. Keep intensity up by performing bodyweight/ band exercises while waiting on equipment.


4. Change up the order of your exercises

If you are following a specific training plan there is a reason for the order of exercises but you could consider switching it up rather than not getting it done at all. 


5. Unilateral Exercises 

Go for unilateral exercises if you can only find one dumbbell of the weight you need for a certain exercise. Unilateral exercises are also great to improve muscular imbalances and symmetry. 


6. Gym Ettiquette

Rerack your weights as soon as you’re done and let others work in while you rest between sets. 


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