Travel Food Diary – Full Day Of Eating On Vacation

People ask about what I eat all the time. Not just for the obvious reason – being a fitness & nutrition coach -but also because I have a bunch of “strange” food intolerances (including all types of chili & bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower & some white fish). Knowing it’s a bit challenging to eat out, especially in a country like Thailand where chili is the new salt, I made sure I was prepared and packed some foods to bring on the trip. That way I didn’t have to stress too much about finding suitable restaurant meals several times a day.

Some of my go to travel foods are Quest Bars, oatmeal, protein powder and almonds.

In regards to dieting/tracking macros, I ate intuitively for the most part. Years of practicing flexible dieting  taught me to estimate foods quite accurately even without weighing and it has become second nature. When I’m not on contest prep, I feel comfortable taking a couple of days or even weeks off of logging in every gram of food. Usually I end up losing a few pounds when traveling as I tend to eat under my maintenance calories, not consuming as much protein along with an increased activity level through lots of walking and outdoor activities. 

Here is what a full day of eating looked like on my recent trip to Thailand. 



Meal 1
Protein oats, almonds, baby pineapple and almond milk latte. On my morning walk I found the almond latte at a 7/11 and picked up the fresh fruit from a street vendor. 


travelfood3Meal 2
Cookies & Cream Quest Bar and fresh coconut water (not in the picture).


travelfood2Meal 3 


travelfood1Meal 4
Plain chicken, white rice, tomato & fresh coconut water.  I found a restaurant with an English speaking manager who made sure everything was cooked plain without spices. 


travelfood5Meal 5 
Chips & Almonds 


Meal 6
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar – late night snack (forgot to take a picture).


This was a rather ideal day for me, which was not the case every day.

Some days I wasn’t able to find a restaurant where I could get a real meal (like the chicken & rice) minus the spices. Those days I simply relied on protein bars, oatmeal, fresh local fruit and nuts. You may notice there is no green vegetable in any of these meals. That’s because most restaurants have veggie mixes usually containing peppers or carrots, fish sauce or broth so it’s safer for me to just avoid those. Instead I was getting my fiber from fruit, Quest Bars and oatmeal for the time being. Perhaps it sounds like a terrible vacation with so many restrictions. However, from my perspective it’s better to be diligent about food intolerances than getting sick on holiday – or worse not traveling at all. 


 Do you have questions about flexible dieting and balanced nutrition while traveling? Post your questions in the comments below or email me 


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