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Why You Should Count Macronutrients

If you want to lose body fat or gain muscle you must eat (and train) accordingly. That means eating less calories than your body burns in order to lose body fat and more calories than your body burns in order to grow lean muscle.

1) By tracking everything you eat and counting calories you ensure you eat the right amount of food for your goal. Counting macronutrients and hitting your daily targets for protein, carbs, fat and fiber is key for optimizing your body composition.

2) Tracking your food requires you to read labels and weigh your food which will give you a better sense of portion sizes and nutritional value of foods. With time and practice you’ll learn to estimate the right amounts easily without weighing.

3) Counting calories gives you full control over your food choices, there are no restrictions and you can eat whatever you want in moderation and within your calories & macros for the day. This makes it easier to stay consistent with your diet which is key to get the results you’re after and maintain your results.

Go ahead and give it a try! Share your experience with counting macros in the comments below or email me if you need help getting started.


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